Introducing That's Debatable

Welcome to the first installment of That's Debatable, the official GreaterDebater blog. I guess this is the part where I talk about the sorts of things I intend to be posting here. For the time being, I'm planning on using this as a catchall blog for everything I want to write about. I suppose time will tell if this is the best idea or not. On the GreaterDebater front, I'd like to blog about:

  • New and in-development features for GreaterDebater. Feedback is always appreciated.
  • Some of how GreaterDebater works and things I've learned along the way. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes and blind alleys.
  • Any other GreaterDebater news and announcements.

On a more general note, I'm going to blog about:

  • Other projects, unrelated to GreaterDebater. I have some ideas I hope to start working on soon.
  • Reviews of books, movies, video games and other media.
  • Anything else that comes to mind that I think might start some interesting discussion (either in the comments here or at GreaterDebater).

So there it is! Now to get started on a non-metablogging blog post.

Originally published 2010-02-01 12:00:04